Awasome Colorado Sunburst Anemone Lineage References

By | October 3, 2021

Awasome Colorado Sunburst Anemone Lineage References. Motor city corals sell some of the hottest corals around and we would like to share them with you. I don't think the pictured one looks like it.

AquaticLog photo by jntolva Colorado Sunburst Anemone from

The original came from a colorado aquarist, who supplied cherry corals. Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) The original came from a colorado aquarist, who supplied….

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Shipped with usps first class package. This bad boy is orange! When we first heard about sunburst anemones, the local colorado strain of entacmea quadricolor that is orange, we were skeptical as anyone that it was a trick of lighting causing the intense coloration, although back then there weren’t any led aquarium lights for super color tweaking.

We Didn’t Take Notice Of The Price On These Particular Cherry Corals Sunburst Btas, But They Have Them Listed As Out Of Stock On Their Website For $450.

Not that other anemone morphs aren't as good or better, but that's really what the sunburst name comes from. We frequently get asked the lineage of our colorado sunburst anemone. This anemone was actually created in colorado, not the sea!

In The Foot You Should See Some White Streaking Aka Marbeling.

The strain that started it all, the original colorado sunburst anemone. These gorgeous anemone's are in limited quantities. All csb have this trait.

These Are Almost Impossible To Find!

As for being able to tell them apart, one big telling sign is the marbeled foot. The original came from a colorado aquarist, who supplied cherry corals. Sunburst is really just a name for the lineage bta called the colorado sunburst.

The Best Anemone Aquarium I Ever Saw.

It is a strain of ectacmaea quadricolor, but not your every day rose. Shipping will be included in this price. This anemone is a great size at 3″x3″ open!

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